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Statement of Operations

Advantage Health Care Provider, Inc., the “Advantage Health” is contracted by the State of Hawaii to assist with the placement of Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled (I/DD) Clients in privately owned, licensed Residential Care Homes and provides Oversight.
This is instead of placement into large Institutional Nursing Homes where personalized care cannot be provided.
  1. All clients are referred to the Advantage Health by the State of Hawaii and licensed Residential Care Homes provide the required services pursuant to an Individual Service Plan.
  2. The State of Hawaii licenses each of these Residential Care Homes (AFH, ARCH, E-ARCH, DC) pursuant to State Laws (HRS), requiring appropriate Insurance.
    1. In addition, each Residential Care Home, usually the owner, is operated by a Primary Care Giver (PCG) who must meet strict Credential Requirements, including Certification as a Registered Nurse (RN) or Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), Identification Requirements, Competency and continued Competency Requirements, Safety Clearance, Health Clearance, Current Security (FBI) Clearance and Administrative Requirements such as Home Owners Insurance, Car Insurance, Liability Insurance, GET License and DOH License, and must enter into an Independent Contractor Agreement with the Advantage Health.
    2. Each must meet the Checklist for State of Hawaii, Department of Health, Credentialing Requirements.
  3. Advantage Health engages these Residential Care Homes / Primary Care Givers on an Independent Contractor Basis.
    1. Advantage Health provides Health Care Monitoring, such as monthly visit of each of its Clients, through licensed RNs, to determine if proper care is provided in accordance to the Individual Service Plans which are reviewed and/or revised with a Health Care Team on an annual basis.
    2. Advantage Health provides findings to the State of Hawaii, including adverse event reports, as well as monthly and quarterly reports. Based on these Reports, the Advantage Health and/or Case Managers from the Department of Health will require and/or prepare Corrective Action Plans to bring the Residential Care Home in compliance or the Services in line with the Individual Service Plan.
    3. Advantage Health receives monthly invoices from its Independent Contractors (the Residential Care Homes) for the service performed. Advantage Health then bills the State of Hawaii and pays its Independent Contractors for their services.