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Doctors Urged To Broaden Care For Children With Disabilities

However, you must used an standardized Admission Assessment Tool for that is where you will discover the gap of Needs between a normal child and the special child. This will then allow you to do more intensive assessment and make referrals for resources as indicated by the data.

I have been in the business of taking care of this special population for over 10 years but my number one observation of the people who are decision makers for their care who are not nurses focus their support on behavior (I) 90% and maybe 10% on physical (DD). It is very disheartening at times to work with them especially when you are advocating for someone with both – I/DD. These administrators have never physically care for this population, but have received some training through inservice and conferences, but as the saying

Every indicators that you consider for a normal child plus more depending what part of their system is affected by the I/DD. You have to do a comprehensive assessment and do a plan of care accordingly.

goes, Business Professors who have never worked in a business organizations make the worse CEO’s as they cannot translate their knowledge into practice in the real world. It is the same in the I/DD and Nursing environment. More info here